Marketing to Hispanics

2:00pm – 3:00pm / Thursday February 17th

As Hispanics become a larger minority segment of the US population, understanding their unique challenges, behaviors and attitudes is a key component to a successful marketing campaign. In this session, we’ll look at consumer research on Hispanics as well as hear from a panel of experts that can shed some light on this important consumer group.

Spotlight on the Hispanic Consumer
Sylvia Klinger, DBA MS, RDN
Hispanic Food Communications

Hispanic market expert Dr. Sylvia Klinger will set the stage with an overview of who the Hispanic consumer is, the terminologies used to describe them, their preferences and challenges when seeking out health information, and who they most trust. Klinger will provide insights based on her professional work as well as her own experiences as a member of the Hispanic community.

Analyzing the Data
Eric Pierce
Vice President of Business Insights
New Hope Network Content, Data and Insights

Consumer survey data is crucial to understanding segments of the population and to developing marketing strategies to best reach them. New Hope Network’s Content, Data and Insights team is a leader in understanding consumer preferences in the natural products space and recently completed a survey that included a specific Hispanic audience for the first time. Pierce will pose certain hypotheses about the Hispanic market in the U.S. and use data from New Hope’s most recent survey to support or refute the hypotheses.

Making the Business Case
Sandy Almendarez
Senior Content Director
Informa Markets

As Informa Market’s content development expert, Sandy Almendarez will help translate survey findings into potential business opportunities for companies to consider. She will also draw upon her own experiences as a member of the Hispanic community.

In this discussion, key findings from the survey will be discussed and analyzed for potential applications to the omega-3 industry, using insights from the panelists’ own professional and personal experiences.


Sylvia Klinger, DBA, MS, RDN Sylvia Klinger, DBA, MS, RDN Eric Pierce Eric Pierce Sandy Almendarez Sandy Almendarez