Terje Aasoldsen Samsi AS, Trollaasen, Norway

Terje Aasoldsen

Terje Aasoldsen began his career as a powerlifter in the early 80s. On the side he examined as a chemical engineer. During 1988 Aasoldsen started his first experience with omega-3s, working in the same group as Harald Breivik and the K85 project that was the beginning of Omacor and today's BASF. Today Aasoldsen works at SAMSI AS and SAMSI Instruments Sweden AB, a small team with a wide range of product lines covering all Nordic customers. Aasoldsen has been installing hundreds of analytical installations including GC, HPLC, UV, NMR, Evaporators and more. In addition, he has trained several hundred operators on the full process from sample handling to the final report.


Historical Perspectives on Omega-3s
3:45pm – 4:45pm / Tuesday February 4th