Dr. Tom Brenna University of Texas-Austin; Professor Emeritus, Cornell University

Dr. Tom Brenna

Dr. Tom Brenna is Professor of Pediatrics, of Chemistry, and of Human Nutrition at the Dell Medical School and College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, and Professor Emeritus of Human Nutrition, of Food Science, and of Chemistry after 28 years as an active faculty member at Cornell University. In the 1990s, his group’s basic research studies on omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids contributed to the US FDA’s approval of DHA and arachidonic acid in US infant formulas.  He has contributed to numerous policy efforts, including being a member of the most recent US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, and the FAO/WHO Expert Panel on Fats and Fatty Acids.  


Historical Perspectives on Omega-3s
3:45pm – 4:45pm / Tuesday February 4th