Dr. Mark Griffin Consultant

Dr. Mark Griffin

Dr. Mark Griffin retired from Omega Protein, Inc. in 2018 after the company was purchased off the NYSE. While at Omega, Dr. Griffin was also on the Board of Directors of IFFO for several years. At Omega, he served as President of the Animal Nutrition Division after starting at the company as Vice President of Research and Development in 2009. Before Omega, Dr. Griffin was with Purina Mills, Inc., which was later acquired and became Land O’Lakes Purina Feed, LLC. He started at Purina as a Nutritionist, serving in R&D and Technical Service roles and working for the Companion Animal, Aquaculture, Lab and Zoo business groups. As a retiree, Dr. Griffin serves as a consultant in Animal Nutrition and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Zoo and Wildlife Nutrition Foundation.


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