Cayetana Aljovín Sociedad Nacional de Pesquería

Cayetana Aljovín

A professional with both law and business degrees, Cayetana Aljovín has worked extensively in both public administration and in the prívate sector. In previous roles, Aljovín served as the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Minister of Energy and Mines, and Minister of Foreign Affairs. A lawyer by trade, Aljovín worked in the private sector specializing in regulatory matters at the law firm Miranda & Amado where she was named partner. She is currently the President of the National Fisheries Society; President of Azerta Comunicación Estratégica and member of the Board of Interbank, IFS and TechnoFast S.A.


Spotlight on Peru (Sponsored by TASA)
2:00pm – 3:00pm / Thursday February 6th