Omega-3s And…

4:00pm – 5:15pm / Wednesday February 5th

As the theme of this year’s GOED Exchange is “growth,” this session will take a look at potential new areas of growth by combining omega-3s with other synergistic ingredients. We’ll showcase four ingredients that have a ‘story’ to tell about why a combination product might make sense. From Vitamin K and choline to the somewhat controversial CBD or tried-and-true carotenoids (but they’re not just for eye health!), listen to speakers from the relevant ingredient suppliers help you think about new ways to expand your business.

Omega-3s and Choline

Thomas Druke, Marketing Director, Balchem Human Nutrition

Omega-3s and Vitamin K

Gunilla Traberg, Director Sales, NattoPharma

Omega-3s and Carotenoids

Brian Appell, Marketing Manager, OmniActive Health Technologies

Omega-3s and CBD

Melody Harwood, Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs


Gunilla Traberg Gunilla Traberg Thomas Druke Thomas Druke Brian Appell Brian Appell Melody Harwood Melody Harwood