Innovations, Consumer Insights and Market Dynamics: Keys to Stimulating Growth in the Omega-3 Category (Sponsored by BASF)

8:30am – 10:00am / Wednesday February 5th

Stimulating new growth in the global omega-3 market is key to future success in the sector, and understanding the drivers that can impact that growth are crucial in a relatively mature market. This session will provide a market analysis of the global market for omega-3s, with a focus on trends that may be impacting growth — new product launches, marketing claims, delivery forms, changes in consumer behaviors toward health and wellness products, etc. — and the key insights necessary to move the needle for omega-3 sales. The presentation will provide a contextual comparison of the markets in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, and will include actionable insights that attendees can use to stimulate new growth in their businesses.


Akhil Eashwar Aiyar Akhil Eashwar Aiyar