Beyond Supplements

9:30am – 11:00am / Thursday February 6th

While the dietary supplement market is the largest global end use market for omega-3s, there are more markets to be considered as we focus on growth opportunities, and this session focuses on the world beyond supplements. Featuring experts on pharmaceuticals, animal nutrition and cell-based omega-3s, this session promises to provide new avenues of exploration for omega-3 companies.

Omega-3s in Pharmaceutical Applications | Adam Ismail, Chief Strategy Officer, KD Pharma

EPA and DHA omega-3s have seen success in pharmaceutical forms since the introduction of Epadel and, more recently, Omacor/Lovaza and Vascepa. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, with dozens of omega-3- based pharmaceuticals in the drug discovery pipeline. Learn more about the companies involved, the omega-3 forms and the potential indications targeted by this game-changing research.

Omega-3 in Animal Nutrition | Dr. Mark Griffin, Consultant

In animal nutrition, the two biggest users of EPA and DHA are salmon feed and pet food, and both have major growth potential going forward. In the case of the former, the potential high volume needs of the market, and interest from both fish and non-fish sources, will have an impact — still to be determined — on omega-3 businesses focused on human nutrition. In the area of pets, trends in product R&D and omega-3 ingredient offerings are influencing the evolution of the market. Dr. Griffin will provide an analysis of both market areas, looking at opportunities, threats and the overall effect on the world of omega-3s.

Cell-Based Omega-3s: A New Cell-Based Technology for Omega-3 Applications | Andres Montefeltro, CEO & Co-founder, Cubiq Foods

Cubiq Foods is working in specialty fats, like omega-3 (DHA), microencapsulation and structured fats, to address the needs of the food sector in its searching for a healthier nutritional and functional product profile. The presentation will focus on the developments in cell agriculture to produce omega-3 (DHA enriched) and vegan structured fats (SMART fats) to replace animal fats, saturated vegetable fats and as a vehicle to deliver the microencapsulated omega-3 in food. Mr. Montefeltro will also cover the next generation “Blend animal + vegetal food products” as a platform to incorporate omega-3 in meat and dairy products.


Adam Ismail Adam Ismail Andrés Montefeltro Andrés Montefeltro Dr. Mark Griffin Dr. Mark Griffin